Practice Specialties
Mediation of Custody and Visitation disputes:  Mediation is a process in which parties to the dispute are given the opportunity to work together with the assistance of an experienced mediator toward the goal of reaching an agreement regarding a parenting plan for their children.  You will have an opportunity to discuss issues and make decision which are in the best interest of your children
The parenting plan that you develop witll spell out when the children are to be with each parent and specify other parental responsibilities.
Remember, parents are not the only ones dealing with these proceedings.  Your children are going through it too.  Keeping your children in mind may help you better manage the hurt, anger and other feelings you are experiencing.  By being honest with yourselves and each other and working together you can develop a parenting plan that is in the best interests of your children.
Individual, family and couples counseling. Preparation for Mediation.
Reunification of parents with their children, Parent Coordination and monitoring.